Mmmm somethin I’m working on.
I need to sleep x_x but I’m too excited about autumn <3 

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A scrapped idea for my groups film that we do in third year here at Sheridan. We each had to come up with our own ideas. Mine was about a rabbit who believes his friends and family are being eaten by coyotes, due to the screaming he hears at night, but it turns out they just run a theme park next door (of course, the coyotes do end up eating the rabbits in the end lol)
Even though it wasn’t used, it was still a fun concept to develop (:
Selfie for my life drawing class.
Yes…my prof assigned this for homework x’D
It doesn’t look like me…or maybe it does. I dunno. I’m use to drawing myself with straight hair, but my hair is naturally curly/wavy, and I’ve been letting it go do its own thaang recently. 
"My name is Dean Winchester. I’m an Aquarius. I like long walks on the beach and frisky women."Sketch portrait commission for viperholic of her lion character that is based off of the fabulous and gorgeous, Dean Winchester, from Supernatural <3Artwork©Niki.S
Full Piece commission for gemini1 c: I was given artist freedom with this, but one small description I managed to get was “he’s a happy drunk” so I went with just that, and voila!Haha, I love drawing party scenes, so much fun.

Drunk cat is drunk.
And perspective is hard.

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Any of you unable to make it to FanExpo last weekend? Don’t sweat it!! I’ve just finished updating my Storenvy with the products I was selling. So now it’s almost like you were there ;D Orders are open, feel free to go crazy!!

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very-angry-toast: Hello! I bought a couple of your prints at fan expo on Friday and I just wanted to say I really love them and they'll be framed on my wall very soon! You're an aIng artist and definitely an inspiration to an artist like myself :)

Awwwwwwwww, this makes me so happy, oh my goodness ;A; <3

I’m so glad you like the prints, and thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed your time at the con! Thanks so much for your support in my work! <3 <3 <3